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The 420-Ish Music Fesitval.

The 420-ish Music Festival, held in Portsmouth, Virginia, was a unique event that brought together hip-hop and reggae artists for a one-of-a-kind music experience. As the first music festival of its kind in the area, 420-ish Music Festival needed a strong visual presence to drive awareness and promote the event on various platforms, including social media, billboards, and print media. The festival hired OMI to create a series of visuals for their promotional campaign.

Objectives: The main objectives of the 420-ish Music Festival were to create buzz and generate excitement among the target audience, which included music lovers, hip-hop and reggae enthusiasts, and local residents. The festival aimed to create a unique brand identity that would differentiate it from other music events in the area and establish itself as a must-attend event for the target audience. The festival organizers wanted to leverage social media, billboards, and print media to promote the event and attract a large number of attendees.

Approach: OMI started by conducting an in-depth analysis of the festival’s target audience and competition. They worked closely with the festival organizers to understand their vision and requirements for the visual branding. 

OMI used the festival’s logo concept to design a series of visuals that included social media graphics, billboards, print media advertisements, and short videos. The creative featured a combination of bold, vibrant colors and unique typography that reflected the festival’s energy and spirit. The social media graphics were designed to be shareable and engaging, with a focus on the festival’s lineup of hip-hop and reggae artists. The billboards were strategically placed in high-traffic areas around Portsmouth, grabbing the attention of passersby with the festival’s logo and key details. The print media advertisements were featured in local newspapers and magazines, promoting the festival’s unique offerings and encouraging ticket sales.

Results: The visuals created by Online Media Interactive played a crucial role in promoting the 420-ish Music Festival and driving awareness among the target audience. The festival’s social media pages saw a significant increase in engagement, with likes, shares, and comments from excited attendees and potential ticket buyers. The billboards and print media advertisements helped to create a strong presence for the festival in the local community, generating buzz and curiosity among residents.

As a result of the successful visual branding campaign, the 420-ish Music Festival saw a significant increase in ticket sales and attendance. The festival drew a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts from the local community and beyond, creating a memorable experience for attendees and establishing itself as a premier music event in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Conclusion: The 420-ish Music Festival’s collaboration with OMI for their visual branding campaign was a resounding success. The unique visuals we created helped to promote the festival on social media, billboards, and print media, generating awareness, excitement, and ticket sales. The festival’s first-of-its-kind music lineup, combined with the visually appealing branding, contributed to the event’s success and established it as a must-attend music festival in Portsmouth, Virginia.

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