In today’s fast-paced, global-reaching, user experience-driven environment, automation of digital marketing tasks is critical to growing and sustaining a business. Not only does automation manage the repetitive tasks that demand too much time and effort from people resources, it also heightens a company’s ability to entice customers through tailored messaging and products, track and monitor user experience, market-test new products and services, and enact analytics and ROI tracking¾all of which are essential to claiming one’s share of the market.

There are numerous platforms available to support the goals of both large and small businesses, ranging in price from $9.00 to $4,000.00 per month. These platforms offer a variety of automation services for direct, global, B2B and public sector marketing; along with lead capturing, web-driven customer infaces, and predictive and split test marketing.

Based on the user satisfaction surveys on top-selling automation platforms, the ten highest ranking and most popular products are those described below.


Highly recommended for email marketing and landing pages, Hubspot is an on-trend platform for a wide range of marketing automation tasks. It is an effective program for supporting general and targeted marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and sales delivery. Hubspot offers  search and social marketing, website visitor tracking and segmentation, landing pages/web forms, lead scoring, analytics, and ROI tracking. It offers integration on a single platform the product management, customer analytics, intel reporting, and customer feedback elements of a business.


Marketo is a user-friendly software that makes marketing simpler. From lead generation to sales engagement and customer satisfaction to customer marketing, Marketo is a digital solution for every business. It is equipped with advanced features to help a business grow, including Marketo Sales, Marketo CRM and many more. This marketing automation tool is essential to increasing revenue, building a brand, and improving the impact of marketing efforts. Marketo offers lead scoring, analytics, and ROI tracking, website visitor tracking and segmentation, web forms and landing pages, social marketing, and drip campaigns.


ActiveCampaign beautifully integrates the human element into marketing automation; it offers solutions for sales, marketing and customer support. This platform is built to handle all types of marketing tasks including Ecommerce,  customer relationship management, social media management, lead scoring, audience segmentation, drip campaigns, email marketing, response analytics, split testing, web forms, and other services. ActiveCampaign is considered one of the best platforms overall to support the marketing needs of a business regardless of the type, size, or approach of the business.


Pardot is the B2B marketing automation tool of Salesforce, one of the world’s top CRM products, and offers a suite of products that work together to benefit sales and marketing efforts. CRM and lead scoring are natural strengths of the platform; but also offered are email marketing, landing pages/web forms, ROI tracking, analytics, and integration with other platforms. However, Pardot’s flexibility and broad capabilities comes at a premium; it is one of the more expensive marketing automation platforms on the market.


The digital marketing platform Sendinblue offers modules for small as well as large businesses. It has tools for SMS marketing, email marketing, landing pages, web forms, advertisements, CRM, segmentation, retargeting, and chatting with customers. It includes a CRM for storing customer data and a workflow builder that is easy to use. Simple workflow templates and a free trial version are features of the affordable Sendinblue platform.


SharpSpring presents tools for search and social marketing, CRM and sales automation, segmentation, website visitor tracking, landing pages/web forms, lead scoring, analytics and ROI tracking, lead scoring, A/B testing, customizable CTAs, and drip campaigns. It is an affordable and effective lead generator platform with blog building, behavior-based marketing and campaign tracking capabilities.


ActiveDEMAND is a powerful and flexible tool for helping digital marketing agencies to manage multiple clients and their marketing needs. The platform is effective in engaging and tracking prospects through an integrated call tracking module; it supports streamlined campaign management and attribution reporting; and it offers built-in email templates, landing pages, social media formats, analytics and ROI tracking, A/B testing, customizable CTAs, segmentation and search marketing, website visitor tracking and lead scoring.


User-friendly iContact is a leader in tools for email and social marketing, drip campaigns, analytics and ROI tracking, web forms, segmentation, landing pages, and lead scoring. It features a built-in editor and requires no HTML coding for the email marketing module. It is a favorite among small businesses for its easy-to-use tools, predesigned email marketing templates, and comprehensive dashboard.


Focused on eCommerce automation, Omnisend provides many templates for email and SMS marketing, segmentation tools, a campaign builder and A/B testing. It features many prebuilt workflows that can be customized, and various lead capturing tools. is an all-in-one business building platform that helps companies to manage memberships, run affiliate programs and webinars, sell products, and conduct email and social marketing. It offers A/B testing, analytics/ROI tracking, segmentation, customizable CTAs, drip campaigns, lead scoring, website visitor tracking and landing pages/web forms.

In addition to these ten top performers, there are many other products available to help businesses automate their marketing efforts. Choosing the right platform that matches the specific needs of a business can be tricky. But with a little research and maybe the helpful guidance of a professional marketing consultant, one can find the right automation tool that will be essential to meeting your sales and growth targets.

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